Chapter 1 – Legal Research

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These are some paragraphs from book chapter 1 to let you see, how this book simplify law for lay man.

It is highly suggested that legal research be conducted following the guidance in this book by simply starting with the legal references made in the background document, the variety of documents used to implement the segment in this book.

A reporting system is the name of a book of legal decisions or opinions.  The abbreviated citation is what you will see throughout this book.
You can save a lot of time by first looking at the abbreviation to determine the book based on the court cited in which you will find the case (i.e.,“U.S.”, “L.Ed.”, “S.Ct.”, “F.”, “F.2d”, or “F.Supp.”).

The laws of theUnited Statesare either federal or national laws.  Federal laws are certified into titles known as the United States Code.  There are 51 titles.  Title 26, United States Code, is also known as the Internal Revenue Code abbreviated “I.R.C.” or “IRC.”

Text from references and resources in the book

In the following example page, for the case of United States v. O’Dell, 160 F.2d 304 provides a picture of cases which follow this decision no different than any other case.

This is what is called “Sheperdizing” the case.  There is a similar Shepherds for the law section by section.

The letters before the case cite represent how the case was treated.  References, as to the meaning of these letters, are found at the front of the Shepherds book.

The numbers which follow the reporting system represent the particular part of the decision which was followed or referenced.

The references to “Cir.” represent the Federal Circuit Court which the case was decided.  There are other references to other Federal Circuit Court and State court decisions.