We inhabit a time in which our rights and freedoms are under assault. Of these, our liberty to own and control property as assets is one of the most frequently attacked. Commonly, this is performed through the abuse of existing laws and systems. Trivial lawsuits and excessive judgments have become commonplace and rampant, transforming the judicial system to an instrument of wealth redistribution.

It is alarming that our properties are under threat from the government through its misuse of power and disregard of due process. There is also the possibility and high probability of governmental administrative error. In 1997, the General Accounting Office determined that almost 50% of all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letters sent to taxpayers contained wrong information. Tax penalties, about 1.5 million of them, were mistakenly assessed in 1998. What this means is that an IRS agent can commit an administrative error for which you will be forced to pay for fear that your assets would be confiscated

This is why you need an asset protection program. This is why you need this manual.

This manual will ease you into the world of asset protection. It provides you with what you must know, the basics, of this means of defense. It describes what you may find useful in the creation and implementation of a program designed for your needs… Read More

In the winter of the year 1996 Michael S Ioane and Gregory Galaski decided this book should be  published which hopefully would transform you the reader to research and become involved with the law, regulations, Treasury Decisions, procedure, etc.

After some hesitation and discussion we finally agreed that it ought to be published due to our experience of the lack of knowledge and understanding exhibited, not only by the so called patriot community, but by most federal agents that lack knowledge failing to read the law, regulations or their own internal operating procedures known as the Internal Revenue Manual. We realized that the IRS simply operated by rule of force and fear and that the majority of the judges and prosecutors supported this conduct. Knowing that Congress didn’t have a clue what laws they were passing let alone read them. We decided the public needed to be educated and armed to defend their rights.

The second edition was offered as a result of the Author Greg Galaski’ s own experience prior to and after two federal trials, where he was finally acquitted in the year of 1995. A similar publication was entered into evidence but somehow he was unable to retrieve the same original copy; however, we were able to recover the computer diskettes from which part of the second edition could be reproduced… Read More

In today’s world knowledge is power, and how to harness and give respect to the knowledge you are about ready to acquire will require a tempered attitude and dedication toward reaching the goal that may not be covered in this publication.  However, understanding the basics provided in this publication should provide a path for thought, approach, and action taken based on the law, regulations and procedure.

I would like to extend my appreciation to all of those individuals whom encouraged me to write and have published the second edition of this publication, which certainly will not be the last.

Further, since the government itself has become interested in this publication and already has a copy of this publication for at least a year, and have twisted its objective.  It a requirement that you the reader should verify the legal citations presented in this publication for your own education and protection; the author and publisher disclaim any responsibility for any liability of loss incurred as a consequence of the use or misuse and application or misapplication, either directly or indirectly, of any advice or information presented herein… Read More