We inhabit a time in which our rights and freedoms are under assault. Of these, our liberty to own and control property as assets is one of the most frequently attacked. Commonly, this is performed through the abuse of existing laws and systems. Trivial lawsuits and excessive judgments have become commonplace and rampant, transforming the judicial system to an instrument of wealth redistribution.

It is alarming that our properties are under threat from the government through its misuse of power and disregard of due process. There is also the possibility and high probability of governmental administrative error. In 1997, the General Accounting Office determined that almost 50% of all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letters sent to taxpayers contained wrong information. Tax penalties, about 1.5 million of them, were mistakenly assessed in 1998. What this means is that an IRS agent can commit an administrative error for which you will be forced to pay for fear that your assets would be confiscated

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In the winter of the year 1996 Michael Ioane and Gregory Galaski decided this book should be  published which hopefully would transform you the reader to research and become involved with the law, regulations, Treasury Decisions, procedure, etc.

After some hesitation and discussion we finally agreed that it ought to be published due to our experience of the lack of knowledge and understanding exhibited, not only by the so called patriot community, but by most federal agents that lack knowledge failing to read the law, regulations or their own internal operating procedures known as the Internal Revenue Manual. We realized that the IRS simply operated by rule of force and fear and that the majority of the judges and prosecutors supported this conduct. Knowing that Congress didn’t have a clue what laws they were passing let alone read them. We decided the public needed to be educated and armed to defend their rights… Read More

A Unique Plain Language Legal Manual to Freedom

  •  Unique and sample explanation on the use of the Law Library.
  • Perfect Procedure on ” Freedom of Information Act” requests.
  • Successful sample lawsuit to enforce “Freedom of Information Act” requests.
  • An Improper Assessment creates a failure to state a claim 12b(6) IRC 6203 and CFR 301-6203-1
  • Abatement. How to abate 30 day and 90 day letter.
  • Step by step procedure to challenge Tax Levy. Includes Treasury decision ATF-301, Transfers remaining Functions of IRS to BATF
  • Oppose IRS Summons, ATF -8 took summons Authority from IRS.
  • Step by step procedure on establishing your status by effectively amending your social security record and declaring your freedom.
  • Trust includes at no additional cost complete irrevocable trust ready to put in use $1000.00 value

Only $295. 00

Why Michael Ioane’s book, The Boston Tea Party 3rd Edition was Written

By: Editor

“I was tired of people getting screwed by the IRS.” Is what Michael Ioane had to say about one of the reasons he wrote the third edition of the book he calls, the Boston Tea Party.

And that’s evident through his publications content. This is a self-help 700 pages plus work manual and book aimed to educate those who are struggling with IRS or Audits. Michael Ioane has really done the public a favor by offering them a manual of this nature full of sample letters, legal responses, and sample lawsuits. The manual even includes an inure trust contract that anyone can use for their family and business. The book is like none other it offers information that you just can’t find any place else. It is through his firsthand experience that he draws the information for this

readers are unparalleled and is mandatory read for any CPA or attorney. If you walk into one of these professionals’ offices and they do not have this manual on their desk, you shouldn’t waste your time find someone else.

Who Should Read This Book?

Well, the real answer to this question is everyone. However, Michael Ioane wanted this book to be especially beneficial for those who are going through audits or having issues with the IRS or even helping people with those problems. But it’s not limited to that it’s a great resource for anyone who is dealing with the IRS. Even if you’re not having problems, it’s an insightful experience and is worth the read for any American citizen. Aside from its focus on dealing with issues concerning the IRS, the content in this manual goes beyond just its intentional message. It also calls for the public’s interest in seeking answers. The trust that is included at no extra charge sells for $1000.00. The trust includes crummy powers and spend thrift clauses.

If you have read the second edition and wish there was another edition – well, you’re lucky because Michael Ioane is currently publishing a third edition and it should be in the book stores in the next 90 days. Chapter 12 is new and it contains an entire trust contract that anyone can use.

Anyone that purchases the second edition, available now, will receive a copy of the third edition at a cost of only $100.00.  Finally, readers can benefit from a full year of limited email consultation on anything covered in the Book.

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